Sunday, 30 May 2010

Album removed.

There was another album here, but I've removed it. The artist whose album it was has displayed their ignorance by contacting me, accusing me of breaching copyright by posting my review and by linking to the album on Spotify.

Despite my attempts at explaining that I have no association with Spotify besides being one of it's users, and that the artist had, either directly or indirectly, approved the album to be published online themselves, they persisted in their endeavour to bully me into removing it.

This artist has supposedly contacted their attorney over this. In one email, they demanded $1,000 per year to publish their works, again not understanding that they are trying to negotiate with the wrong people.

So, because I'm just a user, a normal guy doing something perfectly legal by reviewing their album and linking to it on Spotify (a perfectly legal music service, comparable to iTunes), but don't want this hassle, I have removed my review.

Now you, readers of this blog, cannot know about this album, cannot listen to it on Spotify, and the artist will receive no revenue for you doing so (which they would otherwise have done).

Ladies and Gentlemen, this artist truly is The Best of the Worst of Spotify.

1 comment:

  1. What a nob jockey... this is how their letter should have been worded.

    Please remove the 100% legal link to my album, as i don't want people listening to it legally and therefore putting food on my table and clothes on my back. I find the fact you are advertising my album disgraceful and would have prefered links to dodgy torrent sites as i wish to make no money whatsover. Anyway it was a bad album and i should have tried harder at making good music as to not appear on your blog in the first place.